Cashion 7' Med Fast 6-12LB, 1/32-3/8OZ Ned Rig

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NEW! 7′ Ned Rig Rod M9417bs. One of the hottest techniques out now that will flat out catch the tough finicky winter fish is the Ned Rig. Throwing a light weight bait in winter weather conditions isn’t always the easiest task when conditions are tough. We have combined the perfect tip for throwing the light weight Ned Rig with enough back bone to horse the big fish to the boat. Proven PROFormance input from Cashion Rods Tour Series and Elite Anglers has helped us design this rod to make the Ned Rig easy to fish for anyone.

Experienced fishermen know the proper spinning rod makes all the difference when downsizing. Our extremely sensitive finesse series spinning rods have perfectly matched tip actions that allow pin-point casting control with the proper amount of power. Cashion finesse series spinning fishing rods were designed with exceptional tip and lighter powers for fishing with shakey heads, dropshots, or smaller crankbaits. Cashion Finesse style spinning rods have approximately 12”-16” of tip which then turns to backbone. The tip allows for excellent casting control and excellent hook sets with single hook baits or when throwing smaller crankbaits on spinning tackle.

Our carbon fiber spinning fishing rods are extremely sensitive due to the uni-directional manufacturing process of our blanks. Our spinning fishing rods are designed with a high quality graphite Fuji Reel Seat, and size #6 guides which give you unheard of sensitivity. Our spinning rods are designed with a ton of guides because more guides equal more sensitivity. Not to mention our spinning fishing rods contain our exclusive carbon fiber split grips, which feel great in your hands. Our carbon fiber grips are more durable than cork or foam, plus they are denser, which allows vibrations experienced at the rod tip to travel directly to your finger tips. The combination of the uni-directional carbon fiber blank, Fuji reel seat, size #6 guides, and Cashion’s carbon fiber split grip handles, makes this the most technologically advanced finesse Spinning Rod available.

Item Name/Part Number: M9417BS