Plano EDGE Master Spinnerbait

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Plano PLASE700 EDGE Master Spinnerbait

As part of the EDGE line-up, the Plano® EDGE Spinnerbait Utility Box is built to help prolong the life of the tackle you own as well as delivering quicker access to every piece of gear. All EDGE storage pieces come equipped with a Duraview™ crystal-clear lid with an easy-to-use 1-handed latch. Together, these let you locate your next piece of equipment, open the lid quickly, and make a tackle change with more speed than ever. The lid even has a water-tight Dri-Loc™ seal, when closed, keeps gear dry. Inside, there are two revolutionary defenses against the corrosive, rust-producing power of the elements. The Water Wick™, a water-absorbing, rechargeable, desiccant divider, and the Rustrictor™, a protective base that keeps metal terminal tackle and your favorite baits from rusting. High-quality steel-pin hinges ensure a higher level of durability. EDGE tackle boxes also feature a built-in labeling system on their lids to help with organization. This Plano EDGE Spinnerbait tackle box has a center spine that holds your spinnerbaits in a vertical and easy-to-access position. It also allows them to dry off and it helps prolong the life of their trailers and tails. This box includes 4 adjustable dividers for personal customization.
Manufacturer model #: PLASE700.

  • Ideal storage for your favorite spinnerbaits
  • Center spine holds spinnerbaits in a vertical position
  • Vertical position protects and helps dry spinnerbaits
  • Built to help prolong the life of the tackle
  • Delivers quicker access to every piece
  • Duraview – Crystal-clear lid with a 1-handed latch
  • Lid's water-tight Dri-Loc seal keeps gear dry
  • Water Wick – Water-absorbing, rechargeable divider
  • Rustictor – Base keeps metal tackle from rusting
  • High-quality steel-pin hinge ensures durability
  • Built-in labeling system on lid