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Anglers who have experienced the effectiveness of the Megabass VISION ONETEN jerkbaits will be impressed by the X-80 TRICK DARTER. A long time favorite of many top fishing professionals, the Megabass X-80 TRICK DARTER jerkbait truly comes alive in the water.

The Megabass X-80 TRICK DARTER features the same Multiway Moving Balancer System (PAT.) as the Megabass VISION ONETEN, powering long casts and incredible action. The TRICK DARTER will dance erratically with short snaps of the rod tip, moving even more sharply to the left/right than the Vision Oneten.

The Megabass X-80 TRICK DARTER  is a particularly deadly lure for smallmouth, and pre-spawn bass in clear water. Ideal conditions are in water visibilities between 2 to 20ft., combined with water temps between 38 and 65 degrees. However, the  TRICK DARTER will truly produce in any weather condition; anglers will find they can continue to draw strikes on slick, sunny days when other lures won’t.