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Megabass X-70 BFS Jerkbait

SPECIFICATIONS - Length: 2.75" | Weight: 1/6oz. | Depth: 1-2ft | Type: Suspending | Hooks: #10

The X-70 is a juvenile minnow-style jerkbait built to dominate the shallow range with irresistibly wide side-to-side darting action. Tuned to suspend in the 1-2ft range, the X-70 is ideal for river systems, flats, shallow docks, and skinny-water areas where jerkbaits too often fear to tread. Its flat sided design enables huge flash and consistent range-keeping, even with a hard-hitting jerkbait cadence. With a simple retrieve, the body shape elicits a flickering swimming action that looks deceptively at home in its natural habitat. The suspending action of the X-70 can also be harnessed for a dead-drift & twitch presentation in current, closely mimicking injured baitfish and other forage.