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The BABY POPX is a snack-sized popper distilled from the legendary POPX. Introduced in 1996, the original POP-X changed the face of top-water gaming with its unique water-channeling cup design and patented balancer system. Harnessing the ability to function as both a traditional popper and pop-walker, the POPX is beloved to this day by fish and anglers alike. Drawing from this rich D.N.A., the BABY POPX was downsized for Yuki Ito’s personal arsenal to preserve his cherished popper bite during tough bite windows.

Featuring a sculpted cup design and more central line tie, the BABY POPX spits and splashes with a bubble trail that beckons predators from the depths. With the right BFS setup, twitches will make the BABY POPX pop-walk with minimal forward travel, perfect for milking bites from pinpoint areas. A perfect balance of hydrodynamic and aerodynamic form, the tail-weighted design casts farther than its size might otherwise suggest, enabling stealth approaches in crystal clear shallows where targets are quick to spook.

We recommend the multi-piece travel rod, TRIZA F0-63XTZ AELLO, as the ideal Bait Finesse pairing for the BABY POPX. The AELLO’s packable approach to remote locales makes it a preferred hiking companion, while the smooth-bending traditional taper enables intuitive casts and precise control.

For a more traditional topwater rod pairing with added backbone, we recommend the DESTROYER P5 F1-63X POPX STICK, which has a very moderate taper to impart the full range of the lure’s action potential. Further, the slower action allows POPX STICK to bend deep to keep targets pinned throughout the fight.

For a modern pistol-grip pairing, we recommend the GREAT HUNTING HUNTSMAN GHBF511-4L, which is perfect for quick draw roll-casts and close-quarters twitch work. With a more supple tip than the POPX STICK, the HUNTSMAN enables finer rod work and showcases the joy of the pistol-grip platform.

We recommend a braid to leader setup. Leader line diameter will affect lure action, particularly lures in which the angler is responsible for imparting action, like a walking bait or jerkbait. We have found 4-6lb leader material to be optimal for most situations.

Please note: smaller diameter braids paired with light line monofilament are more susceptible to line shear. Test your leader knots before making your first cast and increase line diameter (or switch to more durable fluorocarbon) if you experience shear.