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The BURNING SHAD is pushed into overdrive, maximizing the roll drive of the ORC’s compact body at all speeds. Marvelous super-fast rolling action like an engine at its limit is produced by the GYRO BALANCING LBO SYSTEM, which harnesses the essential principle of a self-righting doll to drive relentless action at all speeds.

Previously, a fast retrieve was required to generate the rolling, flickering action of a lure like the ORC. However, by harnessing the GYRO system, the BURNING SHAD produces dynamic roll, displacement and flash at slower speeds where other lures may begin to falter. With rod tip low and a slow retrieve, the BURNING SHAD will crawl just beneath the surface, bulging water and inciting explosive chase bites. Speed up your retrieve and BURNING SHAD tracks true with ever-stronger flash and rolling water displacement.

The GYRO system creates a hard, rhythmical “click” sound to appeal to inactive fish. Additionally, the BURNING SHAD exhibits dramatically improved avoidance ability due to its body shape and hook placement, allowing for close-cover cranking.