Megabass Big Gabot

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The BIG GABOT features a CATAMARAN MOUTH(PAT.P) to power pinpoint splash-walking action, redesigned weight and internals for improved durability and performance, and a custom hook to dominate monsters in heavy cover. Carefully formulated body material offers optimal balance between structural integrity and compression, delivering unrivaled action and excellent hook-up ratios. Reinforced CATAMARAN MOUTH bites into the water for splashy pinpoint-walking action to target key pockets between pads and cover. Custom hook shape, wire diameter, and penetration angles guarantee optimal hook-up ratios and improve landing percentages.

Finished off with hand-tied skirts and a silicone seal to limit water intake, the BIG GABOT will challenge your preconceptions and bring explosive action to your frogging expeditions.



Custom designed for the BIG GABOT, the hook bend, angle and wire diameter are optimized for hook-up ratio and hold in heavy cover applications.


The CATAMARAN MOUTH (PAT.P) powers splashy, pinpoint turns. The open-mouth design also creates irresistible, airy popping sounds to attract wary predators.


The tail skirt is rear-mounted to support balanced walking action and lifelike surface movement.


  • Twitch the rod with a steady cadence for splash-walk action
  • Lifelike popping and splashing attracts even the wariest predators


Item Name/Part Number: 4131545826

Length: 77mm

Weight: 3/4 oz.