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BUY NOW The Binsky is a vibrating blade bait that can be cast and retrieved or vertically jigged. It is designed with a shape and action to maximize all the fish catching qualities available in a metal lure. Fish Sense Lures Binsky offers you the most alluring and productive blade bait on the market.

BUY NOW The Binsky is designed to produce extreme sensitivity and feel at deeper depths than any other blade bait on the market.

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Remember those deep suspended fish do not see nearly the number of artificial baits that the fish on the banks see. Often if you locate them they can be fairly easy to fool. “There are times that fish will react to a certain color more than others. With blade baits there is this perception that it’s only about size and the vibration from your cadence but color can absolutely make a difference so make sure you switch it up!”
“The action of the Binsky triggers any game fish’s natural instinct to react to vulnerable prey”