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For professional fishermen and weekenders alike, the LV series will allow fast coverage of water especially when fish are difficult to locate. The lure can be cast long distance and retrieved at depths of 12-15 feet. The LV series are equipped with brass and glass rattles that expose bass to a unique sound unlike other rattling lures. The natural shape coupled with the tight vibrating wobble action makes this 3-inch, 3/4oz. bait a must for your tackle box.

The Lucky Craft LV-500 is a premium lipless crankbait designed for fast power fishing. It features brass and glass rattles that create a unique, loud and interesting sound to big curious bass. The LV-500 weighs in at 3/4oz , is 3 inches long and casts like a bullet. Burn this bait back to the boat at depths of 1 to 3 feet or let it sink and search for schools at depths of 10 to 15 feet. The LV-500 features a tight vibrating wobble and sinks with a distinct nose down posture. The LV-500 is available in over 25 Lucky Craft colors.
Pair the LV-500 up with a Lucky Craft TLC Cranking rod and you have a deadly combination. The LV-500 is perfectly suited for the 7’ Deep Strike or the new 7’6” Long Cast SP cranking rods. These rods feature some of the best fiberglass on the market. They are extremely light for easy casting along with excellent sensitivity and responsiveness. The Lucky Craft TLC Series features a beautiful matte finish for reduced glare, low resistance SIC Guides and premium high grade cork handles. The reel seats are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand for excellent control during cast, retrieve and hookset.