Rapala CrushCity NED BLT

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Rapala CrushCity Ned Blt

The Rapala CrushCity Ned BLT demonstrates less is more, which sometimes is exactly what you need in bass fishing in finesse situations. Jacob Wheeler, the 2019 Major League Fishing world champion, lent his hand to the tasty design of the CrushCity Ned BLT. The 3" Ned BLT gains maximum buoyancy from TPE material which allows the bait to float and is extremely durable. Built to stand up a 1/4 ounce VMC Ned Rig or rig on a drop-shot setup, the Rapala Ned BLT's tapered and ribbed tail gives subtle action with the slightest movement.


The Rapala CrushCity custom baits offer a unique blend of colors, flakes, salt, and scents that are carefully injected into the bait using Smart Injection Technology. This ensures that the bait is presented perfectly. Slap a Rapala CrushCity Ned BLT on your rig, to work up the appetites of finicky bass in any body of water!


  • CrushCity soft baits are designed with professional bass fishing angler Jacob Wheeler
  • TPE – durable floating plastic for maximized buoyancy
  • Perfect for finesse situations
  • Smart Injection Technology – custom combinations of color, flake, salt, and scent added precisely where needed for perfect presentations
  • Quantity per pack: 10