Norman Speed N

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Norman Speed N

Norman lures’ newest crankbait, the Speed N, began proving its worth before it was even released, when limited-production samples produced top 5 finishes at the 2020 Bassmaster Classic for Stetson Blaylock and Micah Frazier.

Designed primarily for cold-water fishing, with a tight wiggle and unique “pitch and roll” action that triggers strikes and sheds vegetation as it swims through developing weed beds, the Speed N proved perfect for the pre-spawn set-up at the Classic, which was held in early March on Alabama’s Lake Guntersville.

This crankbait isn’t only for cold water, though. Its namesake ability to run true at high speeds also makes the Speed N a gem during summer and early fall, when fast presentations often work best for triggering reaction strikes and allow anglers to cover a lot of water.

Constructed from Butyrate, the Speed N calls fish with a dull thud that sets it apart from most other crankbaits. Its body size and shape match that of the iconic Deep Little N, but the action is completely different. Norman’s signature Gel Coat finish adds longevity.

The Speed N measures 2.75 inches, weighs ½ ounce and is equipped with No. 4 trebles. It is available in 10 colors, including some Norman favorites and some that are newly created and exclusive to the Speed N.