Strike King KVD 2.5 Wakebait

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Strike King KVD 2.5 WakeBait

Kevin VanDam's original tournament-winning crankbait design has been repurposed to create the ultimate bulge bait! The Strike King® KVD 2.5 Wake Bait sports a unique angled bill that, instead of diving, creates a huge surface wake on the retrieve. Unlike other wake baits, the KVD 2.5 won't blow out on a fast retrieve – and because it tracks true and is equipped with a loud, clacking internal rattle, it causes more underwater mayhem than any angler can imagine. Get ready for vicious reaction strikes! Top quality components meet KVD's approval.

  • A different take on a proven tourney-winning design
  • Unique angled bill creates a huge surface wake
  • Can be retrieved at any speed without blowing out
  • Loud, clacking internal rattle
  • Draws vicious reaction strikes
  • Top quality components