Tackle Shack Mega 360 Mount

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Tackle Shack Mega 360 Mount (Ultrex / Force) 


So many Mega 360 issues solved in one simple, affordable product. The Tackle Shack Mega 360 Mount is not only sturdier and better built than the original, it is also one of the only options for Garmin Force!


Built with 3/8" Black powder coated aluminum, this mount holds your Mega 360 solidly while also offering the ability to adjust the depth of your transducer WITHOUT TOOLS! Our unique double knob system allows the M360 to be moved up and down as anglers struggle with the conditions of the day. Heading up shallow and raising your trolling motor? No Problem! Simply slide your M360 up after loosening the knobs, re tighten and voila - you're ready to go!


Tackle Shack's Mega 360 Mount also solves the problem of mounting the all NEW Minn Kota Target Lock and Mega 360 together on Ultrex without crowding your graphs.  (see pictures) 

Stainless Steel Hardware included

At the price of $199.99, this thing is untouchable.


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