Yum Yumbrella Flash Mob Jr

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Simulate a small school of baitfish with this flashy umbrella rig! With four spinnerbait blades, it is similar to the Yumbrella Flash Mob, but boasts a smaller profile. 

The Flash Mob Jr. features five strong and heat-treated stainless steel wires along with high quality super strong snaps and swivels to ensure flawless performance.

The Colorado blades stand out in dirty and stained water conditions when bass rely more on their lateral line. This is a great way to target suspended bass! Use with a variety of lures, including soft plastic swim-baits, grubs, jig heads, etc. Multiple hook ups are also a possibility.

*Check your state's fish and game rules and regulations for legality.

Item Name/Part Number: PRYBLW3TSK1

Length: 5.5" (tip of head to end of middle wire)