Z-Man ChatterBait Mini Max

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Clausen calls out an additional benefit of the downsized blade. "Because we coupled the MiniMax's blade with compact, but relatively heavy jigheads up to ½-ounce, we're able to burn this little bait faster than a traditional ChatterBait. The smaller blade essentially balances the bait, stops it from rolling over. Also means it's killer in heavy current and rivers because it stays down in the water column."

For MiniMax trailers, Clausen opts for 3- and 4-inch finesse paddletails, craws and creatures. "The Baby GOAT™ fishes awesome on this ChatterBait," he suggests. "Rig it 'flat' to slow it down, or orient the GOAT vertically, so it swims and acts like a double paddletail. The 3-inch Slim SwimZ™ is another natural MiniMax complement."

Ideal for rivers, Raymond remains a fan of rigging his 'finesse ChatterBaits' with the 3.5-inch Z-Man GrubZ™, presenting a streamlined yet lively morsel in heavy current.

Bite-sized and super-efficient in the water, the ChatterBait MiniMax delivers a bite-sized lure with muscular bladed jig performance. Available in November, the ChatterBait MiniMax features ¼-, 3/8- and ½-ounce sizes. Eight elite skirt patterns are color-matched to each jighead. Among the exclusive patterns are a new refined Fire Craw color and a special Shad pattern with a neutral, clear-coated jighead. MSRP is $8.99 each. For more information.